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Extend application life and improve durability using VICTREX® PEEK polymer coatings

VICOTE® Coatings provide excellent wear resistance, strength and durability for demanding applications that require exposure to extreme conditions such as high temperature, chemicals and abrasion. Using Victrex’s PEEK-based coatings in their applications, customers can improve product performance and functionality, extend application life, reduce systems cost and achieve product differentiation.

When used in food processing belts VICOTE Coatings have extended belt life by up to 40% in aggressive food cooking environments where excellent wear, release, mechanical properties and high temperature performance are required. VICOTE Coatings in powder and aqueous dispersions form have been shown to outperform traditional Fluoropolymer coatings and provide a combination of release properties, chemical and wear resistance at elevated temperatures.

Excellent High Temperature Performance
High temperature performance with a continuous use temperature of up to 260°C (500°F). Withstands lead free solder processing temperatures.

Exceptional Wear and Abrasion Resistance
Very hard, tough, and scratch resistant polymer coating. Reliable non-galling with low particulation and non-sloughing.

Eco-friendly and Suitable for Food Contact
RoHS, Dairy 3A and FDA compliant, the majority of VICOTE Coatings grades can be used in environments involving food contact. Zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds), halogen-free (depending on grade), low outgassing and extractables, low smoke and toxicity.

High Chemical Resistance
Insoluble in all common solvents. Excellent resistance to acids, bases, hydrocarbons, salts and steam.

Specific data related to key VICOTE Coatings properties:

VICOTE Coatings compared to common Flouropolymers


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