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Secondary Processing

Secondary Processing of thermoplastic film for optimal versatility and flexibility

APTIV® films can be easily subjected to a range of secondary process operations which allow designers, processors, and engineers to obtain the benefits of properties in a variety of forms to meet the requirements of high performance applications and provide greater product differentiation for OEMs.

Secondary processing capabilities include adhesion, surface treatments, metallization and printability, coatings, slitting, die cutting and stamping, thermal lamination, heat welding and heat sealing, laser marking, laser ablation and laser machining, printing and metallization using various processes including vacuum deposition, and lamination to other polymers and metals, with and without adhesives.

Thermoforming PEEK-based APTIV film
APTIV film provides a key advantage over thermoset films: it can be shaped into a variety of parts using thermoforming processes. The thermoformer can start with either the amorphous or crystalline grades of APTIV film and use the appropriate process conditions to shape the part. Parts ranging from a thickness of 6 microns up to 600 microns have been thermoformed, and thicker parts are also possible.

Slitting PEEK-based APTIV film
APTIV film rolls can be slit into custom widths to suit the needs of end users. Victrex has incorporated a state-of-the-art slitter rewinder into the APTIV film production facility to provide customers with slit widths down to 45 mm. Customers can also use their own in-house slitting equipment or local convertors for such operations.


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