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APTIV® Films

The high performance of VICTREX PEEK polymer in a flexible film format

APTIV® film is the most versatile, high performance PEEK film available, providing all the performance properties of VICTREX® PEEK polymer in a flexible format. It successfully meets increasing demands for lightweight, durable, low cost and eco-friendly application design in a broad range of markets including electronics, acoustics, aerospace, automotive, industrial, energy and more.

APTIV film’s unique combination of properties provides engineers and designers with an unrivaled material solution for achieving enhanced product performance, ease of processing, reduced systems cost, increased functionality, improved design freedom, and product differentiation.

Part of Victrex’s fully integrated supply chain for VICTREX PEEK polymer, this PEEK-based film is produced in one of the most technologically advanced film extrusion facilities in the world, dedicated to the production of APTIV films. Victrex’s manufacturing capabilities guarantee material quality, supply, consistency and performance.

Benefits of APTIV films

  • High heat performance that can withstand lead free soldering temperatures
  • Tight thickness tolerances -  extruding equipment has world class process control
  • Wide film widths up to 1450mm
  • Broad thickness range available in thin film of 6 microns to thick film at 750 microns
  • Plasma surface treatment that raises surface energy to enhance adhesion, metallization, and printability
  • Design flexibility allows ease of processing