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VICTREX® PEEK polymer can substantially improve the semiconductor fabrication process

The semiconductor fabricator process is well established, but with increased demands on productivity and cost, working with high performance materials is critical. Migrations toward larger wafer sizes and higher IC densities have shown a corresponding increase in performance demands. This environment, coupled with increased sensitivity to contamination sources, is driving the use of high performance, tight tolerance materials such as VICTREX PEEK polymer, VICOTE® coatings and APTIV® film.

High performance thermoplastic solutions for the semiconductor industry

VICTREX PEEK polymer is resistant to abrasion, wear, chemicals and high temperatures and provides high purity, low outgassing, dimensional stability and controlled electrical resistivity. Victrex’s portfolio includes products with the ability to safely dissipate electrostatic charges to prevent circuit damage and raise processing efficiency.

Victrex has worked with processors, OEMs and fabricators in the semiconductor industry for more than 30 years. Some key semiconductor applications include CMP rings, LCD carriers, FOUPs, wafer carriers, wafer effectors, wafer wands, equipment components, dry and wet etch parts, and IC transport/testing parts such as high heat matrix trays and IC test sockets.

Semiconductor Case Studies

ASM Pacific Technology Turret Based Test & Finish System

Victrex APTIV® film is selected for ASM Technology’s latest back-end Flexitest 2030 turret-based test and finish system APTIV® film,…


King Polytechnic SPIN/DIP Equipment

King Polytechnic Engineering Adopts Victrex’s VICOTE® Coatings on Its Medium- to Large-sized SPIN/DIP Equipment King Polytechnic…

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