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VICTREX® PEEK polymer offers medical device manufacturers an alternative to metals, glass and other plastics

Medical OEMs should consider biocompatible polymers for devices that are exposed to extreme sterilization where aggressive chemicals, rising pressures in steam autoclaves and high doses of radiation exist. Our high performance polymers are known for superior strength, stiffness, hydrolysis and impact resistance with ease of processing into thin or thick geometries.

Medical Instrumentation
VICTREX PEEK polymer is proven to maintain mechanical and chemical properties past 2,500 hours in high-pressure steam. It has outstanding stability upon exposure to radiation and will withstand most chemicals and gasses. When compared to typical amorphous polymers like polycarbonate – which are susceptible to stress cracking after repeated steam sterilization and offer lower chemical resistance – Victrex’s lightweight thermoplastics are the material of choice.

The Victrex biomaterials business, Invibio® Biomaterial Solutions, provides access to highly specialized biocompatible PEEK-based materials and services for medical device manufacturers. Invibio offers a wide-range of solutions for human implantation, and blood, bone or tissue contact of 24 hours or more.

Medical Case Studies

IKA®-WERKE Dispersion Instrument Components

VICTREX® PEEK polymer in high-speed rotors and bearing shells for dispersion instruments IKA® -WERKE GmbH & Co.KG developed disposable…

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