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VICTREX® PEEK polymer can provide long-term reliability and improved manufacturing performance

Industries are being driven by the demand to increase productivity, resulting in more stringent requirements for longer-life parts and reduced maintenance downtimes. VICTREX PEEK polymer, VICOTE® coatings and APTIV® film are gaining wide acceptance as a metal replacement thermoplastic due to improved temperature and chemical resistance, lightweight qualities, reduced noise levels and decreased reliance on lubricants. This unique property combination leads to more consistent operational performance.

Food and Beverage

VICTREX PEEK has led to performance improvements in a broad range of food and beverage applications offering a safe and durable alternative to materials such as metals and other polymers. All Victrex food contact grades are considered safe for repeated use in food contact and conform to FDA and EU requirements. To adhere to the demanding requirements of the new EU Commission Regulation10/2011 (“PIM”) Victrex has developed a new glass fiber-reinforced grade, VICTREX PEEK 90GL30BLK EU. Equipment and components marketed in the EU must comply with PIM, regardless of their country of origin or manufacture. Visit our Library to download the updated Food and Beverage market brochure.

Textile Machinery

Material selection is paramount in the fast moving, highly competitive textile market. Machine speed, flexibility and reduced downtime are critical elements in meeting increasing demands to deliver high quality textiles with cost efficiency. Our high performance PEEK-based polymers enable mass production of complex, high performance injection molded components that do not require further processing or machining.

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