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VICTREX® PEEK polymer offers improved operating performance and reduced downtime

High performance polymers are increasingly being chosen for a wide array of energy applications due to their unique combination of chemical, electrical, wear, hydrolysis and temperature resistance properties. Reliability is paramount because of the high cost associated with operational downtime and potential losses related to premature component failure.

To learn more about how VICTREX PEEK polymer, VICOTE® coatings and APTIV® film are helping energy engineers solve their toughest challenges visit:

Oil and Gas
Finding and recovering oil has become increasingly difficult as offshore reserves reach higher temperatures and pressures in more chemically aggressive conditions. New deepwater horizons are requiring new material solutions. As a dependable engineering plastic, VICTREX PEEK polymer is a vital link in the exploration, development and delivery process, ranging from seismic surveys to refining.

Alternative Energy
Working alongside the leading energy companies in the world investing in nuclear, geothermal, hydro, solar and wind power, Victrex is accelerating application development with its knowledge of polymer selection based on engineering requirements. This is contributing to significant improvements in product performance, quality, differentiation, cost, and efficient resource recovery.

Energy Case Studies

Western Falcon Thermoplastic Liners

Western Falcon Chooses VICTREX® PEEK Polymer For Its New High-Performance Liner For Downhole Applications When Western Falcon of Houston, Texas,…


Merrick Systems Inc - RFID Tags

RFID tags made with VICTREX® PEEK Polymer can withstand the extreme physical and chemical conditions of downhole environments When Merrick…

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Rio Oil and Gas
2014-09-15 - 2014-09-18
Rio Centro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Pavilion 3 Booth 3.7

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