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Lightweight polymers for high-tech solutions

Material advancement is critical in today’s fast-paced electronics market. Technology continues to push the limits of extreme engineering, especially in mobile devices, to get thinner, lighter and smarter. Demands for higher structural integrity, reliability, and mobility as well as concerns about the environment, are all shaping the way electronic components are designed. OEMs and brand owners are specifying Victrex high performance polymers including VICTREX® PEEK and APTIV® films to reach new levels of performance and differentiate their products with innovative solutions.

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Victrex PAEK polymers offer greater versatility, reliability and design freedom for next generation electronic devices

Victrex products provide an exceptional combination of benefits including high stiffness- and strength-to-weight ratio, wear, chemical and creep resistance, and processing flexibility as well as dimensional stability, low outgassing, radio transparency, low moisture absorption, and high temperature resistance. They also provide environmental and regulatory advantages as they readily meet the demands of lead-free solder processes while being fully recyclable and naturally flame retardant without the need for toxic additives.

From mobile device hardware, switches, circuit boards, batteries and audio speakers to printers, copiers, sensors and connectors, Victrex PAEK-based products are increasingly being specified by leading electronics companies for enhanced performance and design.

The Victrex global team is committed to deliver value beyond the polymer with Technology centres in China, Japan and the UK. Contact Victrex for unparalleled application development support including CAE analysis, rapid prototyping and onsite processing support with access the to the world’s most extensive PAEK material database.

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