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Victrex materials can increase safety and reliability and reduce production costs for the automotive industry

The automotive industry faces increasing pressure to maximize performance and safety while minimizing fuel consumption, weight and cost. Victrex has over 30 years of success in supporting the automobile industry by leveraging a global, dedicated team that possess comprehensive knowledge and expertise in automotive application development, from the vehicle’s conception stage through serial production.

Our ongoing commitment to the automotive industry, along with our comprehensive PAEK product range, an integrated supply chain, and a solid capital base allow us to meet the development requirements of the industry in exceptionally short time frames.

Victrex high performance polyaryletherketones, including VICTREX® PEEK polymer have been specified for many years in applications where safety is a critical aspect. Products such as ABS braking systems, vacuum pumps and turbo-charger waste gate controls have all successfully utilized Victrex PEEK-based products.

Lightweight, high performance metal replacement solution for automobile applications

Parts made out of Victrex materials are economical to produce, and facilitate overall systems cost reductions by eliminating secondary operations such as machining. They also contribute to a reduction in part count when compared with metal parts. Victrex compounds offer very good dry running properties and are being used in systems with little or no oil lubrication.

Victrex PAEKs are often used to substitute metal in gears, seals and supporting rings in various automotive applications. The use of Victrex PAEKs facilitates weight reduction, lower fuel consumption, lower CO2 emissions, and reductions in noise, vibration and harshness, and finally as thermoplastics are fully recyclable, meeting another key driver in the industry.

Victrex polymers meet current environmental legislations with respect to REACH, GADSL and RoHS. Victrex can also arrange for products manufactured from VICTREX PEEK polymer to be given an IMDS entry.

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