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VICTREX® PEEK polymer offers efficiency and processing improvements versus other materials

Aerospace engineers want to specify materials that can withstand harsh environments, reduce manufacturing costs and offer processing flexibility. As a lightweight solution, polymers have successfully replaced metals and traditional composites due to their mechanical strength, creep and corrosion resistance, improved flame and smoke properties, and ease of fabrication into tight tolerance parts.

High performance resins, composites, films, tapes and coatings for aerospace applications

VICTREX PEEK polymer, APTIV® film and VICOTE® coatings are engineering plastics well-suited for exterior applications where contact occurs with atmospheric particulates and chemicals. Interior applications demand the durability, flammability and low smoke toxicity properties of Victrex’s high performance polymers.

All of these polymeric advantages translate to improved efficiencies both in terms of aircraft weight, but also ease of manufacturing by combining several components into a single part with better uniformity. Lightweight components mean easier assembly for manufacturers and overall reductions in aircraft operating costs.

Aerospace Case Studies

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SAE Brazil Congress
2014-09-30 - 2014-10-02
Expo Center Norte - Red Pavilion, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 113
Aircraft Interiors Expo USA
2014-10-14 - 2014-10-16
Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, WA, 205

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