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Victrex plc is the leading global manufacturer of high performance polyaryletherketones, including the versatile VICTREX® PEEK polymer.

Our customers are our focus and we work with them to enhance the value of their products through application development and design.

A world leader in high performance polymers

High Performance
at Reduced Weight

Courtesy of
ASM International,
Advanced Materials
& Processes,

Vol. 171, No. 5,


Shaping Future Aerospace Performance

Watch the on-demand webinar hosted by SAE International

What makes PEEK ideal for sealing applications? Find out...

Courtesy of Sealing Technology © 2014, Elsevier Ltd, ISSN 1350-4789

Victrex named in top 20 most admired companies in the UK

Outperforms many FTSE 100 companies

Thinner, Lighter, Smarter On-Demand Webinar

Join us to learn why mobile devices need high-performance polymers

Meeting the weight challenges of aircraft construction

Read the Design Products & Applications article

A Sustainable business

Find out about Victrex’s Sustainability agenda and read our 2013 Sustainability Report

Victrex CEO Discusses the Engineers of the Future

The Telegraph celebrates Great British Engineering


Download the whitepaper from the Victrex oil and gas website

Watch the new VICTREX PEEK clamps video

Discover how the clamps, designed by Amphenol Pcd, provide weight savings in Aerospace

PAEK – Continuous Growth.

Read the Kunststoffe international PAEK market overview.

Why is PEEK replacing metals in critical applications?

Read the in-depth AZoM article to find out

It’s Time to Scrap Metal Gears

Download our NEW Gears Flyer to learn about the benefits of VICTREX PEEK gears

Fly Lighter. Fuel Better.

Read the Aerospace Manufacturing and Design article about PEEK as a metal replacement

Download our NEW Aerospace Brochure

Discover the benefits of VICTREX PEEK for lighter, leaner aerospace solutions

‘Sealed to Survive the Extremes’ Webinar

Learn how to extend performance life and reduce downtime in HPHT environments

VICTREX Pipes Qualified by PFW for use on AIRBUS

33% lighter and the first viable alternative to metal tubing in the aerospace market

Victrex Expands Premium Wear Grade Compound Line

Lower coefficient of friction and wear rate for demanding wear applications

New durable, lightweight VICTREX Pipes™

Long-term reliability in demanding operating conditions

New VICTREX Pipes Microsite

Informative online resource focused on pipe and tubing extruded from PEEK polymer

Geared Up for the Future Webinar

Learn about the benefits of high performance thermoplastic gears

What's Your Challenge?

We can help solve your toughest performance challenge

Contact Victrex

Information about our company, products or services

Access the Victrex Library

A technical resource for our polymers & applications