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The Victrex reputation is built upon its depth of expertise with polyketones, and our ability to work closely with customers to create effective product solutions. Here, you can contact a Victrex team member, find a distributor, or receive additional information about our products and services.

General Inquiries

Contact the Victrex team directly using our online form.
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Processing Partners

Victrex partners with leading processors around the world to help our customers achieve their goals. Find a preferred processor near you or contact us for more information.
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Victrex sales, technology, and distribution centers serve more than 30 countries worldwide. Find your local contact.
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Victrex collaborates with distributers worldwide. Find a local distributor near you.
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Sample Request

By requesting a product sample, you can experience the possibilities of Victrex products first hand.
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Suggestions / Comments

We welcome your suggestions and comments. Please use this online form.
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Media Contacts

For media contacts please click here and you will be redirected to the Victrex plc website.
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