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The growth and evolution of Victrex continues

graphx/cmsGraphx/file/EXTERNAL%20ADVERT%20-%20Demand%20Planner%20-%20August%202014.pdfWe have a clear vision and defined values that we share as a unified team. We care about using our talents as effectively as possible so that we can help our customers with their toughest challenges.

We seek people who are passionate about their professions, innovative, committed to excellence, and perform in a way that reflects our corporate culture. We ensure that talent is rewarded, developed and retained and we will share the responsibility for your career development with you.

We encourage anyone with a stellar record in our industry to send their resume or CV, along with a cover note, to

Current Employment Opportunities

Victrex Hillhouse

Demand Planner

Project Manager

Assistant Production Manager

Instrument & Electrical Technician

Legal Counsel

Victrex Europe

Technical Service Engineer

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