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We welcome the opportunity to assist you in selecting the best thermoplastic for your high performance application needs. This tool is a streamlined route to personal, accurate information: indicate the challenge that relates to you on the left or ask a question using the form on the right.

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VICTREX PEEK polymer-based products provide a unique combination of properties including mechanical strength, high temperature performance, wear and chemical resistance, and electrical performance to facilitate meeting demands for reduced systems cost, lighter weight and improved product performance, especially in aggressive environments and demanding applications. They are routinely specified as a material replacement for metals, ceramics, engineering plastics and more.

Victrex has global product and application development facilities providing extensive material specification and testing services. The capabilities include; processing labs featuring extrusion and compounding equipment, state-of-the-art injection molding machines, coating, thermoforming, prototyping, and a suite of tooling for compression molding samples and test pieces.

The VICTREX PEEK polymer product family can be subjected to a range of secondary process operations to allow designers and engineers to obtain the material benefits in a variety of formats. Processes include; machining, welding, plating, surface treatment, metallization, thermoforming, and lamination to other polymers and metals.

Victrex has resources and expertise in place to provide a range of services from material specification and testing to research and application development. The Technical Centers can help customers bring a part design to life and help contribute to the optimization of a customer’s design and establish manufacturing parameters according to the particular materials being selected.

Victrex ISO quality registration underpins all material production. VICTREX® PEEK standard polymers, as well as the dozens of blends and compounds including, APTIV® films and VICOTE® Coatings, comply with numerous regulatory, legislative and agency approvals. Certification and compliance records are available for FDA, MIL, RoHS, FAA, ISO and more.

VICTREX PEEK standard polymers, APTIV films and VICOTE coatings, provide unique properties including chemical resistance combined with high temperature performance and mechanical strength to help customers improve part functionality, gain long-term reliability and cost savings. Data for specific products and grades is available for download or upon request.

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